7 Ways To Earn Online

1. Sell your photos

National Geographic estimated that every American took an average of 322 digital photos in 2015. If you can easily beat that number and have serious photog skills, you should consider uploading your photos to sites that pay you every time somebody wants to download and use your image. Sites such as SmugMug Pro, Shutterstock, Foap, Clashot, and iStockphoto allow you to submit your digital masterpieces for review or you can apply to become a paid contributor.

2. Complete microtasks

If you have some extra time on your hands, rather than scrolling through your Instagram feed, make a little money by writing 50-word product descriptions, transcribing audio, or making sure that uploaded photos don’t contain sensitive material. Sites, such as CrowdFlower and Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, allow you to find single, self-contained tasks that provide a monetary reward. Initial tasks usually pay just a few cents, but once you obtain higher qualifications you can earn much more.

3. Create an online course

When you’re really good at something and could teach it to anybody in your sleep, then you could earn passive income by creating a robust online course and receiving royalties every time that somebody watches your lessons or tutorials, or signs up to the service as a paid student. Some options to build on-demand courses are Skillshare and Udemy.

4. Tutor in real time

Since some students learn better by doing, you also have the option to deliver live tutoring through the web. Sites like Chegg Tutors and are constantly looking for experienced tutors on a wide range of subjects at the high school and college levels.

5. Become a beta tester

Some people wait in line for hours to get the latest smartphone model or video game platform. If you’re one of those, offers you the opportunity to get a sneak peek and provide feedback on upcoming apps, websites, and products. Some assignments require ownership of a Windows PC, Mac, or other specific devices. Depending on your set of demographics and the needs from clients, the site provides up to five assignments per month, each one paying $10.

6. Be a virtual jury member

If you just can’t wait for the day to be called for jury duty, you can increase your chances of becoming a juror by signing up for Don’t let the late ’90s retro design fool you, this site is real and the Texas-based company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Assignments depend on location and demand from attorneys in that area, so it may take a while for you to land an assignment. But when you do, expect a $5 to $10 payment via PayPal.

7. Snap photos of help wanted signs

With the Job Spotter app from job search engine, you can accumulate points by taking photos of local job signs with your smartphone camera. For about 30 seconds of your time, you can win up to 150 points for submitting a local job sign. Once you hit 100 points, you can turn that into a $1 in credit. If you’re a frequent Amazon shopper, this is a pretty good deal for the amount of time that you have to invest.


Online Survey Sites: Do They Really Work?

Thanks to the Internet, taking paid surveys has become one of the easiest ways to make money online. Although you might think that getting paid to complete surveys can be too good to be true, there are many companies out there who are willing to pay for people’s opinions.

Ideally, in the world of commerce, most businesses gather consumer feedback to improve their products and advertisements, as well as generate more profit. This means that the opinions you provide as a consumer play an integral part in their operations.

Because of this, paid surveys can really work as a money-making venture for people who want side income, even if they’re staying at home.

Continue reading this article to learn more about paid surveys and how you can make more money with it.

What Are Paid Surveys And How Do They Work?

In simplest terms, paid surveys are questionnaires that a participant or member takes online. Created as web forms, these surveys usually come with a small cash reward to encourage the target audience to complete as many surveys as they can.

The entire idea of paid surveys comes from a process called market research. It’s a process that takes place before manufacturing or marketing a product, allowing the company to first determine whether consumers want to buy the product. As the companies obtain valuable market research results, they pay the consumer for taking the survey and giving genuine responses. The more surveys you complete, the more money you can earn.

Paid Surveys: How Can You Make Money From Them?

Typically, it’s easy to get paid for taking online surveys. Although it might take some time, the steps involved are simple and convenient. If you want to try out paid surveys, here’s how you can get started:

  1. Sign Up To Reliable Survey Sites

You should find survey sites to sign up to before you start making some money online. With several options to choose from, it’s essential to be cautious when selecting the right sites. You want to ensure you’re working with a credible survey site. After all, there are many online scammers out there, so you have to check whether the homepage of the website comes with security badges.

  1. Make A Profile

Once you find the right survey sites, the next step is to create a profile for every company you take a survey for. Since every survey requires a specific target audience, you need to make sure your profile matches the target demographic of a survey. Fill out as many profiles as you can to ensure more income from paid surveys.

  1. Check Your Emails Frequently

After signing up and creating profiles, expect that the survey sites will email you with their available surveys. Hence, find time to check your email regularly to get the best offers. While some surveys are already available for you to fill out, others might require you to complete pre-survey questions. This is to make sure you suit the demographic needed by the company you’re taking the survey for.

  1. Start Taking Surveys

After receiving emails from the survey sites, it’s time to answer the survey questions honestly. Since most survey companies can distinguish honest answers from fake answers, be sure you only give genuine responses so the survey site won’t disqualify you. If you’re looking to get paid with better compensation, answer the questions genuinely and completely.

  1. Receive Rewards And Payments

This is the time when the survey site will start to gather your feedback and pay your compensation. Some websites will pay you immediately through PayPal and other popular money transfer platforms.

However, there are some companies that don’t pay cash. Instead, they’ll give you some rewards such as gift cards and free products. The products may include personal care items, household products, and other stuff that you frequently use in your home. Thus, even if you don’t get paid by cash, you’re still able to obtain more savings due to the free products you receive from taking online surveys.

Taking online surveys can be one of the simple ways to make some extra money. You just need to find the right survey company.

If you want more information, please feel free to contact me.